10 Interesting Fruits to Introduce Your Picky Eater To


For many parents of picky eaters, fruit is a saving grace. It’s sweet, juicy and tastes good while still providing the nutrition growing children so desperately need.  By introducing a wide variety of fruits to your child’s diet, you can ensure she is getting as many essential vitamins and nutrients as possible. Here are some […]

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10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Making Unit Conversions


If you have ever tried to convert units in your head, you already know that it’s a difficult task to perform on the spot. Thankfully, with the advancements in today’s technology, you have a powerful tool in the iPhone that can do the hard work for you. There are hundreds of different units that you […]

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How to Teach Healthy Hygiene Habits to Preschoolers


One of the most effective methods of preventing the spread of communicable diseases in preschool and daycare is the simple act of hand washing. The last thing that excitable little ones have on their minds, though, is good hygiene. That’s where parents and caregivers must step in, teaching preschool-age children the ins and outs of […]

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How to Get the Experience You Need to Work as a Nanny


There are lots of things a caregiver needs to be successful as a nanny, with experience being one of the most important ones. But for nannies just starting out, this can be a problem. How do you get experience as a nanny if you need experience to get hired in the first place? The good […]

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18 Blogs Sharing Instructions for Making Your Own Reusable Shopping Bag


A simple step on the road to going green and being earth friendly is to stop using the one-use plastic shopping bags.  These bags often end up in a landfill or in the oceans, and in both instances they are harmful to the environment. It has become such a problem that some cities are banning […]

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Transferable Skills Your Learn Working as a Nanny


The obvious skills you learn while working as a nanny are childcare related skills, but those aren’t the only skills you acquire. A working nanny will learn a variety of valuable skills on the job, many of which can be transferred and used in other jobs outside of the childcare field. Here’s a look at […]

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25 Blogs Sharing Healthy Makeovers of Your Favorite Comfort Foods


There’s nothing like sinking your fork into a rich, steaming bowl of creamy mac and cheese, but the fat and calories that accompany this dish are hardly figure flattering.  Luckily, you can have your mac and cheese and eat it too by using one of these comfort food recipe makeovers.  Whip a pan of lasagna […]

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10 of the Best Excuses Kids Give for Not Wanting to Go to School


For most parents, the occasional plea to skip school is simply par for the course. Once a child learns that being under the weather excuses them from attending classes, it’s a lesson that will stick with them and can rear its head every time they feel like staying at home. You probably have a hunch […]

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Top 10 Traits of Bad Nanny Employers


Every parent hires a nanny hoping that they’re have a long and successful employment relationship. Unfortunately some employers do things that make that next to impossible. With some self-awareness, employers can avoid these common pitfalls. Here are the top ten traits of bad nanny employers. If you see yourself in this list, it’s never too […]

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10 Signs Your Child May Have an Allergy to Peanuts


Peanuts seem like a childhood staple menu item, from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to roasted peanuts at a baseball game. In fact, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network estimate that roughly three million children suffer from food allergies, many of which are peanut allergies. What makes a peanut allergy so terrifying is that exposure […]

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