30 Blogs with Tips on Preventing Injuries at Home

No one likes to see someone else get hurt, especially if there was a way the injury could have been prevented in the first place. However, by making necessary repairs in and around your home, many injuries can be avoided entirely.  These 30 bloggers have come up with ideas to help prevent different types of injuries.


The great outdoors opens up a whole new world of potential injuries. One good example is trampolines: these iconic childhood toys have been in the news, sparking quite a bit of controversy about whether children should be allowed to play on them. There are also several other potential outdoor hazards that could cause problems, such as broken sidewalks and pavers.  These five blog posts will detail ideas on how to try to prevent outdoor injuries.


Most people consider their home to be relatively safe, possibly even a haven of sorts.  However, many injuries happen in the home every year that end up sending people to the emergency room.  These five bloggers have come up with ways you can avoid some of the common dangers facing you and your family in the home.


Baby proofing the house is an easy way to prevent injuries in the home.  Unfortunately, there are many different items on the market, all of which claim to be the best at keeping your child safe, and it can get confusing when it comes time to actually purchase them.  These bloggers have taken the mystery out of baby proofing and have some suggestions for keeping your little ones safe.

Elder Proofing

It may seem odd that you would need to make changes to your home to make it safer for an elderly person, but you do.  Older folks don’t have the eye sight to allow them to see all the potential obstacles, nor do they have the reflexes to catch themselves if they run into something or trip over something.  These five bloggers have some helpful hints on how to elder proof your home.


One of the most dangerous things that homeowners do in their home is cook. Some of the potential dangers include getting cut or burned, setting a grease fire, or slipping and falling.  These five bloggers have come up with some tips to reduce injuries related to cooking.


As more companies are turning to “green” products that are healthier for the environment, the threat of injuries related to chemicals decreases. However, since many are not to the point of using only eco-friendly chemicals, these five bloggers have put together some safety tips.

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