10 of the Best iPhone Apps to Help With Recipe Substitutions

nutrinoWhether you have food allergies, want to eat a healthier diet or simply feel that your favorite meals could use some spicing up, it’s always difficult to find suitable recipe substitutes. However, these 10 apps for the iPhone have you covered. For great recipes that will tickle your taste buds, check out what these apps have to offer.

  • 5000+ Cooking Recipes – With recipes substitutes for people who suffer from diabetes and those with other dietary needs, 5000+ Cooking Recipes is a great free app for the iPhone. There are recipes available for every part of your day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch dinner or a snack. The app is incredibly easy to use and has a simple interface and search function.
  • Nutrino– Nutrino is the perfect app for replacing those delicious, yet not so healthy recipes with equally delicious but nutritious meals. The app will create recipes that mirror your lifestyle in order to provide you with healthier alternatives. This free app is also very intuitive and can even create recipes based on the nutritional value of meals you’ve had before. For the health conscious, Nutrino is a must have accessory on the iPhone.
  • Cook it Allergy Free – Do you have a gluten, dairy, egg or nut allergy? Well, now you no longer need to fret over finding suitable recipes. Cook it Allergy Free already has over 200 recipes that you can choose from. However, with a simple tap feature you can swap dangerous ingredients from recipes for safer alternatives. The app costs $3.99, but is well worth it for allergy sufferers and parents of children with allergies.
  • 21-Day Vegan Kickstart – If you are considering taking up a healthy vegan diet, this is a great app to start you on your journey. With 21 days of alternative vegan recipes, you won’t have to worry about going at it alone. The app is free and has a 4+ rating from iPhone users. There are also step-by-step recipes, including photos, to keep you on track with your Kickstarted diet.
  • Japanese Food Recipe Gallery – You get 15 recipes with the free version of this app to start you off. If you enjoy those, you can gain access to the full list of over 270 recipes for $4.99. All recipes are authentic Japanese creations that are based on homemade food from Japan. The app also includes multiple search functions, a cooking timer and a shopping list.
  • Eco Chef 10 Minute Meals with Bryan Au – This app is frequently featured in the Top 5 in Lifestyle Category. For raw organic recipe enthusiasts, Eco Chef is a steal at only $1.99. You can prepare all recipes in under 10 minutes, with expert tutorials from master chef Bryan Au. Given that the over 100 recipes on this app were created by Bryan Au, you won’t get much more in the way of alternative menu ideas that help you substitute processed ingredients for earth- and health-conscious alternatives.
  • Smart Chef Substitutions – Gluten free, baking, herbs, alcohol – you name it and Smart Chef has a substitute to suit your needs. There are over 300 substitutions to add to your recipe list so that every meal is a culinary adventure. This $1.99 app will save your dinner party in an emergency, and will even help you create your own unique recipes.
  • Do Eat Raw – Raw food recipes are all the rage these days, but delicious recipes aren’t always so easy to come by. With Do Eat Raw you’ll find over 300 recipes, including dressings, main courses, desserts and healthy drinks. You can choose recipes from food categories, ingredients or ratings. If you enjoy a particular recipe, don’t worry about having to find it again for a list of ingredients, as you can easily save each recipe to a shopping list. Do Eat Raw costs $0.99 from the iTunes store, and will help you substitute unhealthy ingredients for fresh, raw produce.
  • Green Kitchen – healthy vegetarian recipes – This app from Green Kitchen was runner-up in “Best of App Store 2012.” Green Kitchen – healthy vegetarian recipes will help you with your catering needs, should you have a vegetarian over for dinner and find yourself in need of a protein substitute for meat products in your favorite dishes. However, if you are a vegetarian, the app will also ensure that your menu never gets boring. There are a number of great tools for guiding you through preparing over 90 premium vegetarian recipes, along with step-by-step cooking instructions. You can buy this app for $0.99 today.
  • EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry – Want to substitute unhealthy dishes for more sensible fare? There are over 200 easy to follow, healthy recipes that will take you no time at all to prepare contained within this easy to use application. The app is designed to limit even the most complex recipe preparation time to less than 45 minutes. This version of the app is free, with premium recipes available via in-app purchase.
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