10 iPhone Apps to Help Kids Manage Homework

homeworkAs kids get older, their responsibilities and schoolwork begins to increase, sometimes to the point that it seems like they need a dedicated personal assistant to manage the workload! Whether your child has his own iPhone or shares yours, these are 10 of the apps you can both rely on to make sure that homework gets finished on time and reference material is readily available.

  • iStudiez ProDesigned to appeal to college and high school students or the parents of elementary school students, iStudiez Pro helps scholars take charge of their schedules and meet assignment dates with ease. For $2.99, users have access to a built-in assignment planner with detailed instruction areas, summaries of the schedule and grade/GPA tracking to ensure high academic performance. The app also sends out alert reminders for upcoming assignments and classes.
  • Grammar Guide – Getting a less than spectacular grade on a paper that your child has worked hard to perfect due to problematic grammar is a heartbreaking experience, which is why this $0.99 app is such a must-have for young students. Quickly look up questions and access general grammar rules in a timely manner, ensuring that each and every essay is grammatically flawless.
  • Toodledo – To Do List – Sometimes a simple, yet powerful to-do list app is all a child needs to stay on top of the homework heap. One of the most popular and feature-packed to-do lists out there, the $2.99 Toodledo app can be synced with a desktop to keep kids up-to-date on their assignments, no matter where they are. The web-based task manager is ranked among the top 30 paid iPad apps of all time, and is in the iPhone Top 200.
  • Graphing Calculator HD – You can go out and purchase an expensive graphing calculator for your child, or you can download this $1.99 app for the iPhone he already has and call it a day. With all the features and functions of a high-end graphing calculator, minus the steep price tag, this is one iPhone investment that can pay off in a big way.
  • FlashCards++ –In order to master his homework and stay on top of his studies, your child needs to have a basic grasp of the concepts he’s being taught at school. This free app makes it easy to quiz him on those subjects without the hassle of making or purchasing tangible flash cards.
  • iHomework –  Manage assignments, record grades, build partnerships for group projects and share data through email, all from this $1.99 app. The color-coded calendar makes managing assignments a snap, while full integration with Questia allows for easy, on-the-go research. You can also store the contact information for teachers and instructors for local storage or importing to the main Contacts list.
  • Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus Premium – It’s important that every word in an essay is spelled correctly and used properly, which is where the $2.99 Dictionary & Thesaurus app from Dictionary.com comes in handy. In addition to all the homework help it offers, this app also helps to expand kids’ vocabulary with a Word of the Day function, and allows for proper pronunciation through audio guides.
  • Evernote – The beauty of the free Evernote family of apps is that syncing to a variety of devices is seamless and simple. Keep assignments organized, set reminders and take notes that will all be stored in Evernote’s searchable database. No matter how many assignments your child has, he’s sure to keep track of them with ease, thanks to Evernote.
  • myHomework Student Planner – With support for period, block and time-based school schedules, universal functionality across iOS devices, storage for test dates, study notes and assignment features, myHomework Student Planner has all of the features you would expect from a paid app without the price tag. Free from the App Store, myHomework replaces paper planners and agendas in a snap.
  • My HomeworkNOW & School Alerts – Younger students aren’t typically mature enough for their very own iPhone, and parents are responsible for managing their kids’ schedules. This free app is designed with parents in mind, allowing you to help your child in keeping track of his assignments while receiving school alerts related to emergencies, school closings and other announcements. Your all-in-one manager for all things school related, My HomeworkNOW is indispensable to the modern parent.
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